About Us

Since 2000 we are a company specialized in the merchandising and sales of food products at an Institutional level. Our concentration is in dairy products with or without lactose that derive on all types of cheese, chilled and non-refer (chilled) long life yogurt, ice cream mix, heavy cream, Half & Half, etc. We also have the capacity to make packages for 8 and 32 oz. of Soy Milk, Almond milk, with flavors like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and other flavors and unsweetened as well in both beverages.

In the milk industry we have the capacity to create private labeling for UHT milk 2% fat, 1% fat, full fat, fat free, 2% lactose free; also evaporated aseptic milk and instant dry powder milk in retail or 25 kilos (wholesale) among others. Actually we manufacture UHT milk in private label and for WIC programs of Puerto Rico. We manufacture the Gran Pré for Puerto Rico UHT milk under the license of a Canadian Company.

This milk is manufactured in the US with the highest quality standards USDA Grade A in the Country. We merchandise milk industry ingredients and have the exclusivity from one of the largest companies in the world.

We are part of a company that gives service to “Correctional Services” in the US and we serve to this industry in Puerto Rico. We merchandise all inventory for the commissaries at the prisons. These products are approved by the American Correctional Association (AMA).

Specialty Dairy Items
Dairy Ingredients
Dry Milk Blends
Milk Protein – 80% Concentrated Instant
Whey Protein (all kinds)
Milk Alternative 50 LB Blend
Non Fat Dry Milk
Non Fat Dry Milk Solids

#1 in sales in PR